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geochimică & chimie analitică !!!

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Hidrochimie carstică
Academia Română
Institutul de Speologie "Emil Racoviţă"

Str. Frumoasă, Nr. 31, 010986 Bucureşti, Sector 1

tel. +40 21 318 14 25, fax +40 21 311 08 29, email:

In the framework of the Hydrogeochemistry Laboratory (Speleochem), a department of the "Emil Racoviţă" Institute of Speleology of the Romanian Academy, complex studies and investigations are conducted on aquifer systems, both in their natural state, and when exposed to the anthropic activities impact. The Laboratory addresses various issues, such as: aquatic geochemistry, geochemical characterization of aquifers (thermal aquifers included), thermodynamic and kinetic modeling of hydrogeochemical processes, characterization of the distribution of chemical species, either dissolved, or adsorbed on suspended particulate matter, investigating transfer mechanisms of hazardous and priority hazardous elements and chemical substances in natural environments, analyzing samples of water, sediments, soil, rocks and vegetal and animal biological matter, subject to conditions specific to certified testing laboratories, devising analysis methods with the aim of minimizing the measurement uncertainty and of permanently enhancing the values of the analytical performance parameters. The Laboratory possesses high quality information of experimental nature, thanks to its modern, fully computerized analysis facilities (ICP-MS, AAS flame/electrothermal atomization, luminiscence spectrometry, UV-Vis spectrophotometry, electrometry, etc.), and to ample clean counter space where samples are prepared under high purity conditions.

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